Ancient Gates

Prayers and Promises for Pregnancy and Birth

It is with great joy that we introduce to you this most special project. The Ancient Gates project is about prospecting for the treasures in the word of God (the Bible) for child-bearing, and laying hold of those promises for your felt, lived experience.

Available for purchase now…

Ancient Gates Keepsake Box

– 24 powerful meditations written and delivered by Julie Bell, – Each meditation underpinned by the wonderful reflective music of Mick McIvor. (Available as Mp3’s via an easy to use download card) – An introductory booklet – A set of 24 full colour 10 x 10 cm cards with meditation points that you can follow while listening to the meditation pieces. – A rustic wooden card stand. – A USB stick with relevant information as well as high quality “Wav” files of the meditation and music. Normally $85; for a short time only we offer them for $75. (We’re just nice like that) + P & H


Ancient Gates; the instrumentals

The instrumental compositions that sit behind the meditations are available for sale as a stand alone item. They come to you via an easy to use download card.


There is a synergy in the incredible talents that have come together to make this project happen. (Photographers, musicians, singers, songwriters, people of all manner of technical insight and ability;) it’s as if the breath of the Spirit has infused the work, each step of the way.

Julie Bell reflects “I sense this is something really special,
because each time I work on this project … I cry!”

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