Aus Music Month Part 3

The April Maze

Many moons ago I used to do sound for a few bands as they gigged around town. One such night, I was doing sound for my Nephew’s band at a venue in Thomastown. They had invited their friends Todd & Sivan Mayhew (AKA The April Maze) to play as the support act that evening. I was pretty much captivated from the opening notes of their sound check. Fortunately for me, they liked what I did and so they asked me to do sound for them a few more times. These days, new found family life occupies much of their space. Last I heard they were living somewhere south of Sydney on the coast. However…

Their music is still amazing and still able to listened to and purchased from the usual web forums. As part of the on going Aus Music month campaign, I encourage you to check them out, have a listen and heaven forbid, make a purchase???!!!

They have a recent release called “Fear of Grief” which you can download for your own price. Click here to check that out.

Failing that, their back catalogue still impresses today. Click here to check out their “Sleeping Storm” album. If you’re not sure where to start have a look at the track called Scout Hall. That’s the track that got me when I first heard them.

So, three cheers for you as you support Aussie music. Have a listen, make a purchase, make sure you click the like button, let us know how we are doing.

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