Just me and the rain now

The title track for the album is called “Just me and the rain now.” Once again, this song was a demonstration of how you can be looking to your left and the idea you were hoping for comes from the opposite direction. Indulge me while I share this little anecdote.

I have tried to make a habit of sitting quietly with my notebook in hand and just make notes about what I see while looking out the window. On this particular morning, I had the luxury of the house to myself, a storm was just about to dump it’s rain on our town & I had a prime seat with looking out of our dining room window, cup of tea at the ready. I was ready for any form of inspiration, divine or secular. I picked up my pen and wrote in my note book, “well God, it’s just me and the rain now.” The words to the songStorm in the Highlands just flowed out of the pen like spilled water from a glass. It is a reasonably cheery account of the joy of being in that posture of waiting to hear from God. The recording will feature lead vocals from a surprise guest and I just love the aural image that the pre production demo throws up.  It really captures just what a sacred thing it is to sit, wait & ponder.

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