Aus Music Month??

So apparently the people who make these kind of decisions, have decreed that November is Aus music month?? What a beaut thing to have this to focus on for a little bit. Recently I have been doing a weekly post on musicians that have had a personal impact on me. I plan to continue that into next year.For the next few weeks though I would like to shift my focus and pay homage to some Aussie music that I have come across over the years. Hopefully this will encourage you to check them out, and even better, to dip into your pocket and purchase a tune or 3? (Maybe even an album?)

Here we go.

These are in no particular order, just as they come to mind.

Album & Artist #1. Andy Sorenson.

I have admired and enjoyed Andy’s music for many years now. He seems attracts a community of musicians around him the end result of which is a rich collaboration of some incredible musicians that is an aural joy to feast on. He always seems to be working on something new; but even his back catalogue regularly finds its way onto my playlist. Have a listen for yourself. If you already know Andy’s music, leave a comment.

Click Here to check out some of his work available to download

OR; Click here to check out a YouTube clip of the song “Border”

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