New Creative Project “Ancient Gates”

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It’s a curious thing to behold. In a time and space, when that disease that we shall not name is running around like a rabid dog looking for a fight, so much of the life around us that we knew has just stopped. So with little to no choice in the matter, we have to play along and join in the “stoppedness”.

Like everyone else, my wife & I were concerned about what sort of harvest this “stopping thing” would reap. In our house, when pandemics hit, there’s music to be made. It’s as if the world around us has given us a bag of free swings that have allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the creative process and make albums. In 2020, I spent much of the year with my good mate Mark Rombout. Harmonica player extraordinaire that he is, he has been trying to put together an album that he can sell when he busks. I’m not certain when it will be released but I you are a fan of harmonica playing will be worth adding this to your collection.

In between all of that and on into 2021, I have been totally lost inside a project called “Amazing Gates”. My good friend “Julie Bell” has drawn upon her many years as a birth Doula, to write 24 incredible reflections aimed at assisting the mother to be prepare for the new arrival. Each reflection sits solidly on Julie’s depth of knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

Julie had asked me if I would be able to record her reading these reflections, to which I of course said yes. She also asked if I could come up with some music to underpin each reading. I don’t think either of us had a valid concept of what this would involve in terms of time, creative process & focus. 24 narrations required 24 pieces of music that needed to compliment and not compete with the spoken word. Not long after some of the pieces started taking shape, Julie & both realised that these music pieces had a life of their own, so we decided to release these as a bonus to the project. 24 tracks had now become 48.

To cut the elongated story into a much shorter one, I am pleased to announce that Ancient Gates is now ready for you to purchase. You can judge for yourself whether of not we hit our mark. The project comes as a beautiful package that includes:

  • 24 powerful meditations written and delivered by Julie Bell
    • Each meditation underpinned by the wonderful reflective music of Mick McIvor. (Available as Mp3’s via an easy to use download card)
  • An introductory booklet
  • A set of 24 full colour 10 x 10 cm cards with meditation points that you can follow while listening to the meditation pieces.
  • A rustic wooden card stand.
  • A USB stick with relevant information as well as high quality “Wav” files of the meditation and music.
  • All of this is presented in a beautiful Walnut keepsake box

This will make a beautiful and appropriate gift for the mother to be. If f child bearing is not on your radar you can treat yourself to a copy of the music.

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Blessings one and all.