Aus Music Month Part 2

Featuring the fabulous music of Snapdragon

AKA Phil Butson & Sarah Rose

Ask around the music scene in Melbourne and you don’t get far before someone will be telling you about the musical genius that is Phil Butson. Writer, multi instrumentalist, producer, engineer; he’s been around; half a listen to any of his catalogue will tell you that he is still more than proficient in any of those fields.

Some time ago, young Melbourne songwriter Sarah Rose, embarked on a quest to improve her songwriting skills. She approached Phil on a whim and the two creative souls seemed to unleash a synergy of creative output that is staggering to behold. The end result of that coming together is a body of work under the heading “Snapdragon”. All in all 3 albums await you.

Click here to check out their catalogue. So many great tracks to listen to

Also, if you care to explore Phil Butson’s world a little deeper you will find that he has 10 albums of his own available for downloading for free (although we recommend a donation of some kind). Take the time to check out his work; click here to go to Phil’s page

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