Aus Music Month Part 4

Kathryn Mary Johnston (KJ)

My Aus music month tributes couldn’t pass without acknowledging the artistry of this woman. Whether fair wind or foul, KJ has stayed true to her artist heart. And what a giant heart she has. Her lyrical expressions, tempered & released with melodies that are sometimes subtle, sometimes soaring, making any foray into her albums a journey of twists, turns and delight. Often collaborating with Andy Sorenson, (just quietly, I think they like each other!!), with Andy lending his brilliant production savvy to polish and reveal the beautiful songs that Kathy has written.

I have been an unashamed fan for many years. I remember one day when I had to drop by the TLC recording studio to pick something up, and a very young Andy & John Bosua were lost in the depths of a final mix for one of Kathy’s songs. I sat there for about half an hour while the two of them brought this mix to life. I was mesmerised by the lyrical beauty & stunning musicianship that I was hearing over & over again. (Not to dismiss the talent of the engineers)

Kathy has quite a catalogue up on her website. As with all of these artists, can I once again encourage you…

  • have a listen
  • click the like button
  • leave a comment to encourage the artist (we will make sure they see it
  • share it around with someone
  • BUY some music (it’s Christmas!! what a gift to give & receive

Everyone should have at least one Kathryn Mary Johnston album in their collection. Click Here to check out her website

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