Days 2 and 3

Things were so busy yesterday and today that I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts and post something. So here are two days worth of musings to feast on….

  • yesterday we started out south of Sydney. Delayed by a fault with Gregs truck, we thought we would solve the problem by putting the trailer back on to the tour coach, only to have the authorities give a defect notice because the electric brakes were shorting out. This has caused delays yesterday, and extra work today as we were only given 24 hours to get the trailer to a repairer
  • We moved on up north of Sydney through the imageincredibly picturesque big river country in Northern NSW. We ended up stopping for the night in a town on the Clarence river known as Woodburn.  The trip there up the pacific hwy is slow (extensive roadworks) with speed cameras all throughout, made even more difficult with heavy rain falling intermittently. You know you’re alive when you are driving a b double at close to 60 tonnes, late at night in the rain on poorly marked roads. Not fun.
  • Once again again, the amount of moisture in the air made for exquisite colours in the sky at sunset. It creates the kind of moment that arrests all chatter and forces you just to watch and admire.
  • Coffee of the day? Nothing was worthy of even a mention. The manager of the hotel where the gig is shouted me a pint of beer so maybe for today the coffee of the day is a beer?
  • so where did the silence take me today? Now into my third day away from home much of my silence draws me into thinking about my clan. My wife, my 4 kids, my brothers and sisters. So much of what we set our life up for seems to actually take us away from the very people we would like to devote our life to.  This is indeed a conundrum. Being so busy now is also a ruse Coz this will go quiet soon and one more time I will be facing that age old question “what do I do with the next era of my days? How can I add value to the people and things I care about.
  • Something I learned today… Listening to a 70’s playlist on the radio and the song “knock who’s there” came on. For years I thought that the chorus was “knock knock who’s there, could this be love that’s calling, take off your clothes and come inside”. Apparently they aren’t the words

Thats all I can muster for now. Signing off from Bribie island

ps; not sure why there is a random photo of some other dude in the promo!


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