Aus Music Month 5 & 6

Apologies to those who were waiting for the last instalments in my humble Aus Music tributes. Work (and a broken down car) took me away again so I am just getting back to it now. I have one more to do after these two, so even though we are officially done with the populist celebration of Aus Music month, indulge me please as I finish this off.

Number 5; Rich Davies (and the Low Road)

I first saw Rich playing in some small but vibrant pub in inner Melbourne. He certainly made an impression with his Scottish brogue belting out original tunes. He is an incredible singer songwriter, and when he performs with his band “the Low Road” he is the master of holding the room in the palm of his hand. From the tender interpretation of “My Bonnie Lassie” to the pounding rhythm of “Living for the weekend”, Rich (now an Aussie) has carved a niche spot on the horizon of modern folk music. Like all/most muso’s he struggled to stay focussed over the last two years, but even then he has managed some brilliant creative output. Check out his tribute to Bruce Springsteen (Click here to have a look). Or his Live in Brunswick set recorded just recently. Definitely an artist you won’t be disappointed to have in your play list.

He has a new album on the way, and the band are stretching their creative legs starting to gig again.

Number 6: Luke & Sarah Rose

Luke & Sarah Rose are 2 of my creative children

This is an unashamed plug for a brilliant album

You should at least have a listen; better still, you should buy it

You should pester local radio to play it

Click here to check it out

‘Nuff Said


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