Day one, Melbourne to Sydney

  • Leaving the factory is never straight forward. First w e were going to leave at 6 am, then it was 10.30, then it was midday. So I arrived for a midday start only to find that the truck hadn’t been assembled. Two hours later, having nearly taken out a light pole due to an incredibly tight exit from the storage yard, and with the help of me old mate Ambrose  finally got on the road.
  • If you’ve never done the Melbourne to Sydney run, once you leave Melbourne it’s freeway ALL THE WAY! Get up to speed, turn on the cruise control and away you go
  • one bonus to this trip is that I am travelling in convoy with my old mate Greg Eva. Being able to chat to someone sure does break the monotony. As a curious side note, CB radio chatter is usually crude, somewhat full of abuse and disdain for almost everything. I was amused that in the middle of a conversation with Greg (just making sure he was ok) another trucker thought to abuse me for clogging up the airways. Hmmmm.
  • although the trip is a familiar one and usually uneventful, I never tire of the scenery once we get out of the city. As the sun went down tonight and the light changed from daylight, to dusk, with the cooler wind having gone through Melbourne, the scene it created was really quite wonderful
  • so where did my solo thoughts take me today. My wife and are have been following the “trial of Pell”. What happened was in our era, to people that we both know/knew, by some people that we both knew. I thought a lot about this tonight and how such terrible crime was perpetrated by the people that we had grown up trusting.
  • Coffee of the day. Most roadhouse coffee is absolute crap. The Calvino brand popping up at various servo’s provides a bearable alternative
  • Well, it’s time to move on from pheasants nest. More tomorrow

Footnote: a special mention has to go to Greg. First interstate run as a trucker and he managed to go pulled in for a random inspection at Marulan copping a defect notice for his trouble. Not his fault, but still noteworthy.

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