Mick Mc’s Sync Music Library

Welcome to my Sync music library. Have a look around, have a listen.

Let me know if you hear something that you like.

I’d just love to work with ya’ll.

Who the heck is Mick McIvor??

When people say “Mick McIvor” you probably say… WHO?

I know that my mother loved me so with that said, here are a a few details, that are hopefully pertinent to why you are taking the time to read this today

A veteran of the Melbourne (Australia) music scene at both a performance & production level, 
Musician, writer & producer, audio engineer. Guitarist, banjoist, Bassist, Percussionist & singingist. Audio engineer for a variety of Melbourne bands; specialising in Live Acoustic. 8 years as lead engineer/producer at CBM Australia

Singer songwriter performer (5 albums) FOH engineer with full show oversight experience

For the record:

  • All songs on this site are presented in Mp3 Format for ease of sharing.
  • Finished product will be presented in 48k Aiff or Wav (buyers choice)
  • All compositions are by Mick McIvor unless otherwise stated.

Song One

  • Title: Dance
  • Feel: Playful, Latin, Acoustic guitars leading a Samba
  • BPM:
  • Length 1:49

Song Two

  • Title: Pilgrim Song
  • Feel: Journey, moody, strength, acoustic,
  • BPM:
  • Length 3:04

Song three

  • Title: Deep
  • Feel: Melancholy, safe in the storm, strength, calm
  • BPM: NB: I was composing the track against the thunder storm that I had just recorded. As a result, the timing is free form. It sits mostly around 73-78 BPM.
  • Length 3:38

Song four

  • Title: Breathe
  • Feel: Slow down, focus, peaceful,
  • BPM:
  • Length 4:20

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